I Have Been Riding Wrong

Hello Readers – The activity of motorcycling is a personal experience. Sure, you may carry a pillion or ride in a group, but generally speaking the experience is yours. I think most of us who ride understand that. When the still ongoing pandemic hit the end of 2020 with no end in sight, the restContinue reading “I Have Been Riding Wrong”

Due North Adventure 2022: Part 1

Good Day Readers! If you’ve not read the introduction to this adventure, you should start with that here. The map above depicts what I am calling “Part 1” of my trip. As I stated in my previous post, I have an overwhelming desire to ride to Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories of Canada. Yellowknife sitsContinue reading “Due North Adventure 2022: Part 1”

New Year: New Adventure

Happy New Year Readers! As it is a new year, full of new possibilities, I think it is a great time to announce my “big trip” plans for 2022. The REVER map leaves a little bit to be desired and I’ll break the trip down in future posts, but my grand idea is that IContinue reading “New Year: New Adventure”

Me (As a Motorcyclist)

Hello Readers – Do you change when you hop on your bike? Not physically (or do you?!), but mentally, or maybe a better way of putting it is; does your personality change? I set out to answer the above question for myself and made a few observations below. I instantly become less stressed. I workContinue reading “Me (As a Motorcyclist)”

Let’s Start At the Beginning…

If you’re reading this, you probably found it from a Google search or Instagram. However you got here, welcome! My name is Justin and as the domain name would suggest I am a geek but also a motorcyclist at heart. I work in an engineering field professionally but find I am most at peace onContinue reading “Let’s Start At the Beginning…”