Me (As a Motorcyclist)

Hello Readers –

Do you change when you hop on your bike? Not physically (or do you?!), but mentally, or maybe a better way of putting it is; does your personality change?

I set out to answer the above question for myself and made a few observations below.

  1. I instantly become less stressed. I work in an often stressful professional field and admittedly, I do not handle the professional stress well at times. Getting on that bike (especially when I have a few days or longer to ride) gets me back to feeling more like myself.
  2. My horizons instantly expand. Allow me to explain; When I travel for work (as I often do), I become laser-focused on getting to my destination to do my job. I may be in an interesting city or exotic locale, but I am there for a reason. My wandering nature takes a flying leap out the window. When I’m on the bike, I turn down roads because I like the look of them (or simply wonder where they go). I stop at roadside attractions (if even just for a photo), I travel because of travel rather than because of professional responsibility.
  3. The journey becomes the goal, My non-riding (or non distance-riding) friends never seem to understand the goal of my motorcycle rides/trips. For them, you travel to a place, you do something, and then you travel home. Absolutely nothing wrong with this, but I ride to see new things, and then I continue to ride, I ride further, and eventually I make a loop back home. I find my enjoyment in my journey, I find my adventure in my journey. I like staying a night or two here, only to move on and stay a night or two there. I want to see as much as I can with the time that I have. It has led to some wonderfully long rides and some experiences that I would not have had otherwise.
  4. I generally enjoy being around friends and (some) family, but not when I am on my bike. This probably makes me sound like an ass, but allow me to explain. I HATE group rides. A day ride with some friends is great but I tend to bow out of anything longer. I want to set my own pace. If I want to (and I do regularly) pull out a 700 mile day, I want that freedom. If I want to stop and visit a random museum, historical site, or roadside attraction I want that freedom. Some of my favorite experiences have NOT been planned. Not planning may mean (who am I kidding, this ALWAYS happens) getting wet while searching for a hotel vacancy, but that is a risk I am almost always willing to take.

How do you change when you get on your motorcycle? What do you notice about yourself? Insights to share? Leave them below!


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