Let’s Start At the Beginning…

If you’re reading this, you probably found it from a Google search or Instagram. However you got here, welcome!

My name is Justin and as the domain name would suggest I am a geek but also a motorcyclist at heart. I work in an engineering field professionally but find I am most at peace on two (motorized) wheels.

I created this blog to showcase road trips and motorcycle modifications. I love to travel and I’ve found no better way to see this country (and hopefully the world some day soon) than on a motorcycle.

So what do I ride? Like many, my answer to the perfect number of bikes is N+1. My garage currently consists of two offerings. a 2017 Indian Roadmaster and a 2019 Kawasaki Versys 1000 SE LT+ which I purchased as a hold-over a month ago. I love my Indian and will, most likely, always keep it but I wanted to try a different style of riding. The Versys attracted me both because of its “sporty” nature and because it would appear to be a platform ripe for modification.

If this intro has peaked your interests, stick around, I’ll do my best to post regularly and hopefully more often once the Midwest US riding season fully kicks off.

Thanks for Reading…Justin

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